magic in erithea

Based on Tolkienesque system.


Very few high-powered magic using individuals. Probably no more than twelve in total, known as Celestials, each one iconic, quite possibly worshipped as demigods. Many have withdrawn from day to day running of Erithea entirely, sensing they no longer have a place in the modern world. Some have gone mad and wander the land. A few are deeply involved in the world, either as debauched artists and celebrities, or running the huge corporations known as Ventures. Celestials can take human form, and are difficult, perhaps even impossible to kill.

Vast majority of magic-using, or ‘Gifted’ individuals in Erithea are of very low level – in the Dark Ages, would have operated as soothsayers, hedge magicians, diviners or perhaps healers. In the real world, they often work for large ventures as ‘stackers’, runetech equivalent of programming.

Some plants have magical qualities.
Talking with animals is possible.
Controlling weather is possible (or influencing complex systems such as stockmarkets, or data flow).

SPIRITS: powerful spirits can force their way into the world by possessing human bodies. Some are ambivelent towards humanity, a few benign, most actively hostile.

MONSTERS: known to exist in underpopulated corners of the world.

THE ASTRAL PLANE: Anyone can now view tiny slices of the astral plane via their mirrors, using the Loom, and various apps and operating systems designed by large Ventures such as Occultek, written by talented stackers.

Bargains are made by astral entities, who in return lend some of their power to the Loom, which can then be manipulated by mirrors and used to run games, word processing applications, SatNav and the like.

magic in erithea

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