Militia Investigator, female, blonde, OCD, vampire


Vampire, old enough to remember the Dark Ages.

Works as Criminal Investigator for the Northern Federated States Militia (equivalent of the police force). Unlike other police, Vika has no partner. Initially seems as though it’s because she’s hard to work with (although still unusual), later we discover she is a vampire, so has no-one wants to work with her and she authorised to work alone.

Solo patrol car working the docks (like woman in The Wire).

Vampire issues: will eventually burn in the sun, but like working North as long periods of sunlessness. More or less hibernates during the summer – perhaps open as winter season begins? Creaking painfully, because she’s been asleep all summer.

As a vampire, she’s unable to enter non-municipal buildings without authorisation. Fortunately, however, as a Militia member, she’s granted the Freedom of the city. With most militia, it’s a technicality allowing them to enter properties whilst in pursuit – but to a vampire it’s a huge asset.

Hold back revelation that she’s a vampire – handy to get into somewhere pretending to be a cadaver – also we can think she’s been killed very early on.


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